8 reasons Page-Object Model is overrated

What is Page-Object model?

The theory

  • Single responsibility — a class should have a responsibility over a single part of the program that it should encapsulate,
    Or in the words of Robert.C Martin (AKA: uncle Bob), “there should never be more than one reason for change”.
  • Open-close — classes are open to extension (by inheritance) and close to modifications
  • Liskov substitution — If A subclasses B then A can replace B without warnings.
  • Interface segregation — in short, you should chop your interfaces to small unit such that no client is forced to be dependent on methods that it doesn’t use
  • Dependency Inversion — classes are dependent on abstractions and not on concrete implementations.

Lets see an example:

The benefits

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Tests scripts are more readable
  • Reusability
  • Modularization

The pitfall

Cost #1 — ITS NOT A CLASS!

class LoginPage(Page):
def __init__(self, drv):
self._username_locator: Tuple[By, str] = (By.ID, "txtUsername")
self._password_locator: Tuple[By, str] = (By.ID, "txtPassword")
self._login_btn_locator: Tuple[By, str] = (By.ID, "btnLogin")
def insert_username(self, username: str, timeout: int = 10) -> None:
username_element = WebDriverWait(self._driver,
def insert_password(self, password: str, timeout: int = 10) -> None:
username_element = WebDriverWait(self._driver,
def click_login(self, timeout: int = 10) -> HomePage:
username_element = WebDriverWait(self._driver,
hp = HomePage(self._driver)
return hp

Cost #2 — it doesn’t make any sense!

def test_case(self):
login_page: LoginPage = LoginPage(self._driver)
home_page: HomePage = login_page.click_login()
self.assertAlmostEqual(home_page.welcome_message, "Welcome Paul")

Cost #3 —It is not as readable as you think

Cost #4 — shared elements?

  • Inheritance — object share behaviors and fields from their parent classes.
  • Composition — objects hold a reference to the object containing the shared behaviors

Cost #5 — Its speculative

Cost #6 — You start asking silly questions

Cost #7— The kingdom of nouns

Cost #8 — paralysis by analysis





Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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Eldad Uzman

Eldad Uzman

Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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