A case against Page Object Model — part2

  1. Give a reply to some of the critics to the previous article
  2. Provide an alternative to Page Object Model
  3. Give a concrete example

1: Reply to critics

You picked a simple example.

You picked a dynamically typed language

  1. This is not true, python (similarly to most dynamically typed languages) has a static type checker.
    So the alleged benefit can be achieved in both cases.
  2. I still think that constraining the test script coder in such ways makes no sense.
    Because more often than not, there will come a moment when the constraint doesn’t fit the test case, and now the test coder is reluctant to find work arounds to the imposed barrier.
    Imposing limitations that don’t fit the test case not only take longer to conceptualize and develop (analysis paralysis), but they lead to inconsistent code that is more difficult to understand.

PageFactory and Screenplay

  1. It eases on the writing of the page object model.
  2. It provides (at least in java language) out of the box solutions to various problems, for example, stale element exceptions are avoided by “pinging” the element again and again before it’s operated on.

Page Object is great if done correctly

2: What’s the alternative?

3: Example


re-write into procedural style:


I’ve got some more cool articles!

  1. Browser automation with robotframework
  2. Structural vs Nominal subtyping in python




Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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Eldad Uzman

Eldad Uzman

Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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