Extend robotframework using the robotframework python lib core

What is robotframework?

It can save automation developers hours of coding and debugging.

robotframework tool chain diagram
  • SeleniumLibrary — The most commonly used library, provides easy accesses to the selenium api to write web testing automation.
  • AppiumLibrary — Mobile automation library based on appium
  • RESTInstance — Easy contract testing to restful protocols.
  • DataDriver — Library for quick data-driven testing, spare you from code duplication by generating tests based on data.
  • Faker — Access to the python faker library, allows you to generate fake data for your tests.
  • Pabot — for test parallelization.

It can be explained easily to non-coders

*** Settings ***
Documentation A test suite with a single test for valid login.
... This test has a workflow that is created using keywords in
... the imported resource file.
Resource resource.txt

*** Test Cases ***
Valid Login
Open Browser To Login Page
Input Username demo
Input Password mode
Submit Credentials
Welcome Page Should Be Open
[Teardown] Close Browser

Comprehensive reports

report html

Easy coding setup

Easy to extend

- __init__.py
- my_library.py
def my_foo_keyword_stateless(message: str) -> None:
*** Settings ***
Library extensions/my_library.py
*** Test Cases ***
My Test
My Foo Keyword Stateless hello world
pip install robotframework==4.0.3
robot -d results test.robot
C:\Users\user\Desktop\robot-demo>robot -d results test.robot
My Test | PASS |
Test | PASS |
1 test, 1 passed, 0 failed
Output: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robot-demo\results\output.xml
Log: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robot-demo\results\log.html
Report: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robot-demo\results\report.html
- test.robot
- GreetingLibrary
- __init__.py
- greeting_library.py
- keywords
- __init__.py
- greeting_keywords.py
*** Settings ***
Library GreetingLibrary
*** Test Cases ***
Test 1
Do Your Greetings
Test 2
Do Your Greetings
from .greeting_library import GreetingLibrary
from typing import Any, List
from robotlibcore import DynamicCore
from .keywords import Greeting
class GreetingLibrary(DynamicCore):libraries: List[Any] = [Greeting()]def __init__(self):
DynamicCore.__init__(self, GreetingLibrary.libraries)
from .greeting_keywords import Greeting
from faker import Faker
from robotlibcore import keyword
from robot.libraries.BuiltIn import logger
class Greeting:
def __init__(self)-> None:
fake = Faker()
self._who = fake.name()
self._cntr = 1

def do_your_greetings(self)-> None:
greeting_message = f'I am please to greet you {self._who}, counter={self._cntr}'
self._cntr += 1
pip install robotframework==4.0.3 robotframework-pythonlibcore==3.0.0 Faker==8.10.0
robot -d results -P . test.robot
C:\Users\user\Desktop\robotframework_lib>robot -d results -P . test.robot
Test 1 I am please to greet you Mrs. Melissa Santana, counter=1
Test 1 | PASS |
Test 2 I am please to greet you Mrs. Melissa Santana, counter=2
Test 2 | PASS |
Test | PASS |
2 tests, 2 passed, 0 failed
Output: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robotframework_lib\results\output.xml
Log: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robotframework_lib\results\log.html
Report: C:\Users\user\Desktop\robotframework_lib\results\report.html




Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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Eldad Uzman

Eldad Uzman

Automation and RPA developer, python developer.

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